Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Track Conditions

It looks like there's been  at least one grooming pass on the skate lane (I love seeing corduroy).  I didn't check if the Boot was done, but it looked like the skate tracks on the Clover Leaf and the Cow Pasture (as well as the Perimeter) got some much-needed attention.  Thanks so much to the Groomers!  The track cleaned up nicely.  Although right now it's pretty soft, we have a good base so it is holding up.  According to Randy and Brian both, this is where the right wax and a structure tool could come in handy.  I was on CH7 yesterday and started out fine (this was mid-day) but by the half-way mark I was really sticking.  I'm no wax expert, but I wonder if this would be a good time to pull out the Fluoro waxes. 
Taking a suggestion from Randy, today I hopped on my fish scaled touring skis for the first time in a few years. (Scaled bases are a great alternative to sticky yellow wax, or even worse: klister.)  The Classic Track at the course was very nice, although my skiing wasn't.  Might be time to focus on honing some classic skills...
Happy Trails, and think cooler thoughts!

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