Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wednesday Track Report & Trail Etiquette Reminder

The track is really great right now.  It hasn't been over-skied since grooming (Doug was out on Monday, not sure if he went out yesterday) and the base is firm but not icy.  Like a kid's favorite stuffed animal, the first kilometer of the track is well-loved and pretty ragged.   I'm delighted that people are using it.  Beyond that, the track settles down and there's even still corduroy to enjoy for skaters.  Like the Perimeter, the Cow Pasture has had some good grooming attention this week.

The inside skate tracks are all skiable, and the Boot is very nice.  However, it looks like the Clover Leaf hasn't been groomed in about a week.  It has a good layer of powdery snow on top, and you won't break any speed records, but you can definitely still skate on it.

Have a nice time out there.  Please read the notices on the Sign Board next to the Port-a-Potty regarding Trail Etiquette and Dogs.  We've had some trouble with people not understanding that the track is not for walking on.  Footprints ruin the track and trip up skiers.  Also, if you bring a dog, it needs to stay clear to the side especially if the track is soft, and should always be under control and never allowed to run around other skiers.

Thank you, as always, to the many hours our groomers put in to make this a great place for skiing!

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