Sunday, January 17, 2016

Live Moose and Dead Snow Machine

Joel shared the Teton Lakes course today with a mother moose and her calf.  Pretty amazing.  This is probably the same Mom that visits every year or so.  Like any good mom, she'll defend her baby if you get too close.  Please give her plenty of space if you see her.  What a beautiful picture!  

Joel also reports that the snow is pretty deep and the groomer was abandoned on the perimeter.  After talking with the groomers about it, it looks like the snow machine might be dead.  Darn. 
Thankfully, we have a Plan B.  And a Plan C. And maybe a Plan D.  Each of the options may take a couple of days to figure out, so heads up - you'll be skiing in nice, new powder (which some non-skating people really like!).  I'll update the blog when I have more information.  
And yes, the Cupid Cup is still on.  Click on the tab on the far right up above for info.  

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