Saturday, January 30, 2016

Morning track report

Last I heard, Doug was planning on grooming yesterday afternoon. However, we got a bunch of new snow overnight so everything is fresh powder again. I don't know if there will be any grooming today. Our new ATV with tracks should be ready for use at the beginning of next week.  That means we won't have to borrow and return (and borrow & return) the snow machine we've been using the past two weeks (yippee!). I'm amazed how Doug & Randy have continued keeping the track up since the original snow machine died. 
I'll post anything I hear about grooming as soon as I know.
Someone has been out skating through the powder this morning already. I also see classic tracks out. One skier texted me that she saw the mama moose out there this morning. Wildlife, fresh snow, and a winter wonderland. Gotta love it, groomed or ungroomed.
This is the track at 10:30 am:

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