Sunday, January 31, 2016

Regarding Dogs and Snow Bikes

We love dogs.  And we really love snow bikes.  The folks who maintain the trails own both.  However, we've had the unfortunate report of dogs harassing and now **biting** other visitors on the trail.  Likewise we've had those with snow bikes out digging into the skate lanes recently.

If you're a dog owner, be absolutely sure of your dog's ability to behave around others.  Being able to call your dog to you after a negative interaction with others is too late. Nordic skiers range from those on slow touring skis to very fast racers.  If you can't be sure of your dog's temperament and ability to avoid even playfully chasing others moving quickly, please keep your dog on a leash or leave them home.

Also please remember that to avoid fouling the hard work of the groomers you keep your dog on the outside edge of all groomed trails.  Even small dogs can leave problematic paw prints in the groomed lanes.  And if your dog needs to relieve itself on the trail, please bring a bag to clean up after it.  No one wants to ski over dog droppings.

Snow bikes are not allowed on the Teton Lakes trails.  Perhaps at some future date we'll have enough time and resources to groom a track for snow bikes, but until then there are many excellent trails locally that will accommodate snow bikes.  See our sister blog for details.

Your good example in both not biking on the trails and controlling and cleaning up after your pet will encourage others to do the same.  We hope that those who read this blog will serve as ambassadors to other dog owners and cyclists.  When you see others who may be ignorant of our policies, please kindly direct them to this blog for instructions and policies.  We try to keep plenty of flyers and business cards with the web address stocked at the trail kiosk.

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